What can we do?

Our team undertakes everything, from development of the idea and before its realization. We are the licensed architectural company with the 25th summer experience of design practice. Our experts closely cooperate with government services so we can carry out the Due diligence report procedure for our clients and receive allowing documents at the authorities. We work with projects of any scale!


You will be able to estimate future interior even prior to repair construction works. You receive the project in the form of an album with realistic 3D visualization of rooms in various foreshortenings + all necessary drawings.


  • – Measurement drawing with a binding of utilities
  • – Options of planning solutions (to 3 options)
  • – Style and color schemes (2-3 options)
  • – Plan after re-planning
  • – Construction plan for dismantling and installation
  • – Arrangement plan for furniture
  • – Floors plan is an apportion of materials
  • – Ceilings Plan
  • – Lighting scheme with bindings
  • – Lighting scheme for placement, distribution of lines on switches
  • – Placement plan sockets
  • – Design Ceilings Knots
  • – Heat-insulated floor Scheme
  • – Doorways scheme
  • – Conditioning scheme
  • – Arrangement plan for indoor plumbing
  • – Bathrooms plan with material calculation
  • – Walls plan for rooms with material calculation and detailed cuts decorative sites
  • – Furniture specification with sizes and bindings to shops which it can be got
  • – Electrical specification
  • – Lamps specification
  • – Visualization of an interior program 3D StudioMax (2-3 options on each room)

  • – TERMS: Up to 3 - 12 working weeks (depending on complexity of the project)

Approximately such a volume of drawings we give out to one private house. And this is only the section of SO + PD. On interiors and engineering volume is 2.5 times more.

Price: By agreement


–Execution of allowing documentation

–Positive conclusion of the state construction investment examination

–Permission to performance of construction works

–License for conducting construction activity

–Acts of commissioning

–The license for the economic activity connected with creation of objects architecture

–Customer certificate

–General contractor license

Identifying baseline for verification:

–Specification on design

–Architectural and planning design assignment

–Data on allotment of land on the site of construction

–Topographical plans of the platform of construction

–Specifications of rather engineering support of an object

–Data of types of the applied building constructions and products

–Data of underground constructions, underground and land communications


–Development and coordination with the customer of production schedules

–Engineering supervision and observation of the course of implementation of production schedules

Terms:Up to 3- 8 working weeks (depending on complexity of the project)

Price: By agreement


ARCHITECTURE We create objects of a residential and commercial real estate for private and corporate clients. The group of architects and designers undertakes all cares from creation of the concept before it's realization. In this process three main stages:


Predesign have development offer according to specifications and customer’s wishes. Formation of a set of documentation for coordination with the customer: scheme of the general plan, plans of floors, 3D visualization, colors facades.


Predesign have development offer according to specifications and customer’s wishes. The set formation documents in the volume PD:

  • Master Plan
  • Facades passport
  • Facades in axes
  • Planning decisions


Documentation set necessary for further construction

MP: Master plan: a binding of the designed building and structures of MAF on the site, TEP, gardening, drives, platforms (without landscaping)

ARE: Architectural response: facade passport, facades in axes, planning’s with an explication of rooms, cuts on the designed building

CC (MC): Designs concrete or metal constructions: the bases, overlapping’s, monolithic belts, construct of ladders, etc. on design features of the designed building.

TP: Technological part of the project: the plan with arrangement of furniture and the equipment, the specification of the equipment and adjusting devices

HV: Heating and ventilation: plans with arrangement of the heating and ventilating equipment, three-dimensional schemes of systems of heating and ventilation, the specification of the adjusting equipment and materials

IP: Indoor plumbing: plans indoor plumbing the three-dimensional patterns indoor plumbing, specification, equipment and materials installation

ETD: Electrical decisions: basic and unilineal schemes of power supply, plans of an arrangement of the electric equipment (sockets, lighting, electric boards), specification of materials.

TERMS: Up to 3 - 12 working weeks (depending on complexity of the project)

Approximately we give such volume of drawings on one private house. And it is only the section MP + CC. The interiors and engineering volume is 2.5 times more.

Price: By agreement


Service designer's means visit of a construction object at various stages and if necessary introduction of changes, specification of nuances of its execution. During it we surely inform the customer who has too the right to introduce operational amendments.


– Regular departure on an object with the preliminary notice of the contractor and crew from his party and also informing the customer

– Survey of an object and entry in magazines, the kept documentation on implementation of designer's service

– At need introduction of adjustments with signatures of all parties

– Control of implementation of the announced project of interior design or construction

– Supervision of performance of the hidden works on lying of communications, ventilating channels, to reinforcing on which result of execution special acts are made out

– Photo maintenance of maintaining project

TERMS: Designer's service is carried out during the period coordinated by the parties. If construction of the facility does not come to an end during this period, the additional contract is signed.

Price: By agreement

Services harmonization

Enter the list of construction works and services which surely are subject to coordination practically all main ordered in our architectural bureau. Including, it is necessary to get permission to carrying out:

– Constructions of the residential or uninhabited building "from scratch", that is new construction

–Retraining inhabited in uninhabited fund and vice versa

–Re-planning of apartments with change of an arrangement of walls, doors, expansion with accession of a balcony or loggia

–Change of facades, reconstruction


–Photo maintenance of maintaining project

Price: By agreement


– Analysis of the existing town planning situation on the site and adjacent territories (zoning)

– Analysis of functional zoning of building according to the master plan of Kiev

– Analysis of the scheme of characteristic section of the territory of the designed site for its use at design of the site

– Analysis of possible architectural concepts for building of the site

– Check on existence of design restrictions

– Analysis existing transport (including public transport) infrastructures

– Preliminary offers on access roads and to a possibility of the left turns for entrance on the site

– Insolation analysis

– Analysis of the existing infrastructure and connectivity to network engineering

Price: By agreement