Black is Back

Black is Back

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"Black is Back" apartment

Apartment in a modern style with industrial details for a young businessman

The main decision was to made studio apartment with one bedroom and two bathrooms. We have separated the space by using the glass partition, to line up the boundaries between premises , but at the same time to achive open and floating space. Glass structure is made by using technology of “smart glass” system, it can become matte to achive more intimacy of the room.

The interior is made by using dark color pallete and variety of materials, with different structures, surfaces such as brick, natural African black stone, onyx, leather, copper ,wood etc.

Entering the apartment the first thing that we notice is the wall made of black structural stone from the one side and plane glance black surface with gold décor elements on it from the other.

The living room is combined with a kitchen, a dining area and a working space. In order to balance the dark tones, a large bright "spot" was added, a panel of white onyx with backlights framed by copper edging . The panel works at night and creates a cozy atmosphere-it is the focal point of our interior, it is viewed from all the main premises of the apartment.

Unusual solutions for bedroom was the organization of freestanding bathtub. Its located there due to the desire of the customer , the main point is to have the opportunity, while taking a bath to enjoy the city views from the panoramic windows. If you want to create a feeling of intimacy of this space, only thing you need is just to press the button and the partition that separetes the space becomes absolutely matte , nothing is visible through it.

One of the main challenge was to create the full wardrobe area in small space. We decided to make it movable. So we have the cool wardrobe that moves from one click of a button and opens other that stands near the wall.

Bathroom made in the overall style of the apartment. Dark colors is combined with light. A lot of copper details is used, even water taps. Black sanitary ware and of course the main color spot is blue shelving for towels with built-in led lights.

The guest bathroom is solved completely in black color, to visually extend the space.

  • Date : 05.07.2018
  • Status : Release
  • Area: 97m2
  • Authors : IVan Yunakov, Olga Korniienko, Nataly Raga, Yaroslav Katrich