Wings House

Wings House


Wings House

House in Kiev, Ukraine, for a family of four.

Private residence is represented by three volumes: the main house, covered garage and sauna.

A house of 330 square meters is built on a flat stretch that is washed by a river from two sides. The volume of the building fits into the surrounding context. its simplicity and formal rigor. Mansion blocks are arranged with an offset to create a play of light and shade, which is enhanced by the console flights and canopies with holes.

The mansion is open with a panoramic view of the river and at the same time is closed from outside views from the street. It has a common terrace for relaxation with access to the lake and bath.

A tree that grows through the structure emphasizes the entrance group and separates the "inner" life from the "outer"

The facades are made in light-colored porcelain and contrast with warm HPL panels for the texture of wood. Copper is also present as an accent of the entrance group.

  • Date : 29.05.2019
  • Status : In progress