Twin house


Twin House

Not a typical apartment building from by Ivan Yunakov. This year we have completed the project of a house for two families "Twin House", between pre-revolutionary houses. Previously, there was a parking lot at the Twin House site.

Two-storey duplex for two families, in a modern style with a total area of 1000m2, garage for 6 cars, utility unit, gym, garden annex.

The first floor, in the planning solution, has a merging function. It allows the whole family to gather in the living room, hall or dining room.

The second floor has private quarters, which include 2 children's rooms, a master bedroom with separate bathrooms and dressing room, and access to the terrace.

The planning solution of the residential block in the house is reflected, so that each individual block has its own self-contained functionality. When the sun goes down, the house automatically switches on the facade lighting.

Facade is made of porcelain tiles of increased format 3000 by 1000 mm, produced by FMG - Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and in some areas HPL panels produced by FunderMax. At night, the composition is framed by architectural lighting produced by Delta Light. The external openings are filled with comfort systems from Schüco

  • Date :2017-2020
  • Status :Release
  • Authors : I. Yunakov - team leader; A. Karpov, V. Tomilenko J. Katrich - architects.