Cottage SOPOT

Cottage "Sopot"


Cottage "SOPOT"

Area: 350 m².Plot 0.30 hectare

The project was designed for a young family of 4 people. The house was conceived as a country house with modern planning solutions of high comfort. There is a garage for 3 cars, a utility unit, a rough kitchen, and a large outdoor garden with swimming pool and BBQ area.

The ground floor has a public function and there is a large two light living room, kitchen with dining area and guest bedroom. On the first floor there is an intimate area which includes 2 children's rooms, a master bedroom with a separate bathroom and wardrobe, and access to the terrace.

The facade is made of clinker bricks @nelissen_bricks and hpl panels @genfasad. Reflective structures by Reynaers 86 series.

  • Date : 2018-2020
  • Status : In progress
  • Authors : Ivan Yunakov, Andrey Karpov, Yaroslav Katrych
  • Photo : Andrey Shurpenkov
  • Adress : Poland, Sopot Town