Saint Bulldog Apartment

Saint Bulldog Apartment


Saint Bulldog Apartment

Saint Bulldog Apartment is located in the historic center of Kiev, Ukraine, in a 1908 building.

The 75m2 space underwent a complete redesign, the main objective of which was to create a modern interior while preserving and highlighting the unique wooden texture of the early 20th century building and focusing the design on the owners' pet, the French bulldog named Zames.

When redesigning, the main criterion was to expand the space as much as possible, creating the effect of space. As much space as possible was given to the common areas of the kitchen and living room.

The main scenes take place in the large main room, while the bedroom has a small light area with a balcony.


The designers created a large, comfortable bathroom with a window opposite the bathroom and a spacious shower room.

Storage systems are an important aspect of home design. In order not to overload the space with too many wardrobes, numerous niches are provided, a wardrobe in the hallway is hidden behind the mirror, which also visually increases the size of the premises, and a separate dressing room has found its place.

The arrangement of the zones on compositional axes, rhythmic finishing and fragmentary symmetry add order to the space and visually simplify it.


The compositional elements of the interior - basic large forms with smooth surfaces and concealed fittings - create a sense of purity and large-scale background, on which dramatic accents tell a story. This balance ensures that the space is both saturated and, at the same time, not overloaded with unnecessary details.


The interior is finished in just a few primary colors, thanks to which all elements echo and harmonize harmoniously, enhancing the red accent. An interesting feature of the project is the preserved historic natural wood ceiling, the rhythm of which is supported by the floor covering. The original ceiling height of 4m is retained. Natural calm textures underline the nobility of the interior.


Light is an essential element of the composition. Around the television, symmetrical beams of light are created by the lamps, and the kitchen work surfaces are additionally lit by a minimalistic and elongated chandelier, which seems to hang in the space, complementing the brutal forms of the fronts.

The painting 'The Last Supper of the Bulldogs' was reinterpreted and painted especially for the interior.

  • Date : 10.10.2021
  • Status : Release