Cottage “Romankovo 2”

Cottage “Romankovo 2”


Cottage “Romankovo 2”

Private house is 400 of sqm. Land is 0.30 Hectares.

The project was developed for young family. The house thought as the country housing with modern planning solutions and high degree of comfort stylized under classical volume.

The first floor bears public function – the big, two tone room focused by glazing on east and western parties that allows residents of the house is to be present at all phases of day.

The spacious drawing room consists of four, the main, flowing one in another, zones: kitchens, dining room, chimney hall and zone of a soft corner. All rooms have an exit to a terrace that accents proximity by nature.

  • Date : 13.07.2013
  • Status : Release
  • Authors : Ivan Yunakov, Yaroslav Katrich