Head office of mining company.

One of the main tasks that we faced with was to create a balance between perfect working atmosphere and relaxation area. We’ve used natural materials and textures, vertical gardening and some sculpture groups to achieve the result we needed.

The color scheme is neutral, with warm tones prevail. All used materials combine with each other and creating comfortable space for work.

Focal point and also the first that everybody sees walking trough the main entrance is reception area. For wall finishing here we used decorative panels that imitate aged gold. The vertical “green wall” on the right side is refreshing and makes the interior softer.

The remaining space is divided into five different offices, CEO room , meeting room and other utility premises. Each room conditionally divided into two zones: work and relax. All furniture is made according to sketches of an architects. Special attention should be paid to wooden tables with genuine leather elements on it.

CEO room designed in the same way as other office rooms, two zones which are separated by a partition with a built-in aquarium. It has strict forms and warm colors, with vertical gardening , accent furniture and golden decorative elements.

The heart of the office space is the meeting room. It can accommodate 22 people for the meeting. The main decorative element of this space is enormous structural gypsum panel that repeats surface of Mars planet, which speaks of the company's vision and prospects of future

All decorative elements, sculptures and panels were individually made according to the sketches of architects.

  • Date : 21.11.2018
  • Status : In progress
  • Authors : Ivan Yunakov, Alina Rudyk, Olga Kornienko, yaroslav Katrich
  • Photo : Andrey Shurpenkov