Fountain Reconstruction

Fountain Reconstruction in Lviv


Fountain Reconstruction

When developing the square opposite the opera house, we set ourselves 3 main tasks:

1) Make it modern and interesting in the context of the surrounding buildings and highlight the architecture of the main facade of the opera house, which is a perfect accent of the square.

2) Change the philosophy of the fountain, making it dry, so that nothing would interfere with the view of the theater from the opposite side of the square. In the cold season, the fountain will be turned off, and it will turn into a pedestrian zone, which can also be used to set up a New Year tree or a stage for city events.

3) Create a new image of the square by attracting the creative elite. To do this, we completely free it from attractions and mafas, install convenient benches, built-in parapets of green areas, with sockets for charging laptops and phones. A large number of trees and shrubs planted visually cut off the area from noisy roads and wind and will allow you to spend your free time comfortably. There will also be free wi-fi with an online library, information boxes, bike parking will be installed.

The outline of the square is the silhouette of a violin, the neck of which is adjacent to the opera house. The strings are made in Morse code with RGB LED backlighting and are read as “Place of opportunity. Open to the world. Lviv is a city of love. City of free people "

The mini weather station, developed by engineers, will adjust the head and height of the fountain jet depending on the weather and wind. Synchronizing the fountain with the opera house will allow you to enjoy the performance not only inside the theater, but also outside. The fountain will become part of the stage opera, thanks to the fact that the jets of water from the nozzles in parallel “play out” as equalizers. At night, the fountain will be illuminated with a low-power RGB LED backlight. In the granite paving, made in two colors: gray and dark gray, linear LED lights will also be installed, which will illuminate the area at night.

I want to believe that the square will become a favorite place of citizens and guests of the beautiful city of Lviv.

  • Date : 13.06.2019
  • Client : Charitable Foundation “Sokar-Blago”
  • Status : release
  • Authors : Chief Architect: Ivan Yunakov; Lead architect: Andriy Karpov; Senior Architect: Max Astreiko; Architect: Volodymyr Tomilenko; Visualizer: Yaroslav Katrich
  • Adress : Ukraine, Lviv