Club house "Cascade"

Club house "Cascade"


Club house on the coast "Cascade"

The club house "Cascade" on the coast is solved by cascades in connection with the rocky terrain and is designed for 5 families. Each cascade from 2 to 5 is a single-story self-contained cottage in the form of apartments for large and friendly families. And only the 6th cascade is considered as a two-level for one family from which a panorama will be opened on all the surroundings of the sunny coast. Each cascade has all the attributes that will imitate life in a cottage, and not in an apartment building. For example, the courtyards are compensated for by large terraces in the amount of 4 pieces per floor, which will allow not only pleasantly spending time with the family secluded with nature, as well as hiding from the sun, depending on the time of day. The ground floor has a social function; there will be a lobby with a reception, a gym and a spa center. The lobby itself will be like a kind of forum where guests can gather for communication. Also provided underground parking for 18 m / m with a vertical connection of all floors.

  • Date : 14.05.2019
  • Apartments: 2600m2
  • Parking 18m/m:500m2.
  • The total area: 4000m2.
  • Plot area: 0.20 ha
  • Status : Project