Cottage "Buddha House"

Cottage "Buddha House"


Buddha house

Interior small summer home to a very interesting, young and happy family that follows Buddhism enjoys yoga and loves to travel a lot. The building is intended for leisure and entertaining.

When we started work on the project Buddha House, the main task was to make the most convenient, multi-functional space on a small plot of land. Customer feedback to make house an warmth, comfort and lightness.

The house consists of a hall with a kitchen and dining area, a bedroom, a spa area, gym, bathrooms and 2 large terraces with swimming pool. The building is L-shaped, the open towards the courtyard. Due to the large sliding windows in the summer, the house is fully reveals by landscape, and there is space to flow from the yard to the house. The building is decided in wood, glass and metal. Just architectural composition maintained outdoor pergolas and terraces. The interior used natural wood, stone, copper, textiles and diverse game world, both natural and artificial.

  • Date : 10.01.2017
  • Status : Release
  • Area : 170m2
  • Authors : Ivan Yunakov, Olga Kornienko, Yaroslav Katrich, Timophei Bogatirenko
  • Photo : Stelmah Oleg