Cottage "Bashta"

Cottage "Bashta"


Cottage "Bashta"

Presented house situated in the Kiev region, on a narrow section near the existing buildings. One of the difficulties of the area was the fact that he has access to water, the river Dnieper. Maintaining all of these regulatory distance, the house had to be placed almost at the very entrance on the territory. In plan, house has a diagonal composition. Just because of the close proximity of neighbors and a good viewing area of adjacent windows, it was decided to create a set of green terraces on the roof to protect against unauthorized viewing.

This object – is the house for the young but already big family, made in the style of 30-ies years. The main objective was to create a bright and open home. Likewise, the principal was to use local materials. That is, a house built entirely of Ukrainian materials (except pottery and lighting).

The house is designed in accordance with the principles of passive design, it is optimally oriented to the cardinal points and takes full advantage of this orientation. This home also respond to many environmental standards, such as: low power consumption, using local materials (savings in transport), green roofs exploited, solid fuel boilers, stand-alone environmental septic, beautiful, warm, specifications, and of course energy-efficient lighting.

The house has 5 bedrooms (3 children, guest and master), 4 bathrooms, study, theater room, kitchen, dining room, double-height hall with a fireplace, 4 terraces and a garage for 4 cars. The entire interior is warm, muted tones. Almost all natural materials, the furniture was made according to the sketches of the author of the project and was carried out in Ukraine. The customer family has three children under 7 years old, and to prevent disagreements among theme whose room is where and what color, it was decided to make all children’s room in the same materials and in one color. And children, in turn, have the opportunity to personalize their own space by the color of a diverse LEED-s lights, and of course with lots of toys.

Especially organic and good roof-top terrace where you can relax without fear to be seen neighbors.

All terraces have a broad style of gardening, and is designed so that each of the four terraces, flowering in its special schedule in the season, maintaining the brightness of colors throughout the year.

  • Date : 11.05.2011
  • Status : Release
  • Authors : Ivan Yunakov