Memorial "Babi Yar" info-center

Memorial "Babi Yar" info-center


Memorial "Babi Yar" info-center

The concept of the Info-center is designed to remind people about the tragedy of 1941-1943 at Babi Yar and familiarize with the creation of the Holocaust memorial center on the territory of Babi Yar.

The info-center was designed as mobile for the possibility of its transportation and installation in any place. We approached the search for a sample philosophically, trying to convey the tragedy of events and make people understand how important it is to remember these events, since this could happen to each of us.

The volume itself is presented in the form of a cube to which ramps go from all sides creating an association with the open Pandora's box, and the truncated pyramid symbolizes the buried slopes of the ravine with earth and people killed in it. Going into the middle and becoming under the truncated pyramid, lifting his head to the top, everyone will be able to see the same thing that the victims of the German invaders in Babi Yar saw in the last minutes of their life, namely: the slopes of the yar and the sky...

  • Date : 29.05.2019
  • Status : Project